Pronunciation Assessment

Read and record these words and submit your recording to me for evaluation.

1. Think, thought, thesis, theme, thumb (th- sound)

2. This, that, these, those (th- sound)

3. Laughed, pushed, kicked (-ed ending)

4. Stayed, judged, stirred (-ed ending)

5. Sounded, stated, suggested (-ed ending)

6. Confidential, presidential, essential (-chull)

7. Precious, vicious, suspicious (-shus)

8. Prove, move, love, victory, voice (ā€˜vā€™ sound)

9. Question, stanchion, mention, invention (-chun)

10. Partial, special, marshal (-shull)

11. Cordial, schedule (-jull), procedure (-jur)

12. Mature, adventure, century (-chur)

13. Costs, lists, ghosts (-sts); tasks, asks (-sks)

14. Really, restaurant, red (Portuguese have trouble with ā€˜r-ā€™)

15. Vision, version, occasion (-zhun)

16. complicit, elicit, explicit, illicit, implicit, solicit

17. (-ile like “ull” as in “dull”) docile, facile, missile, hostile, tactile, puerile, versatile, servile, imbecile, projectile, fragile, textile, mobile

18. (-ile as in “while'”) infantile, domicile, senile, reptile, juvenile, crocodile