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  • Last Update January 25, 2021

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to use WordPress to create, design, and maintain a website.
  • Learn a useful job skill.

Topics for this course

14 Lessons

WP01 Learning to talk the talk?

This lesson will teach the student about the origins of the Internet and terms such as domain names, domain name registrars, web-hosting services, and website-building software such as WordPress.
Text Lesson

WP02a Logging into the Website as Administrator?

This lesson will teach the student how to log in to a website as an administrator.

WP02b Introducing the Dashboard Overview Screen?

This lesson will introduce you to the Dashboard Overview Screen widgets and how to move, minimize, and hide them, and how to find help on them.

WP03 Creating a Page and Adding It to the Main Menu?

This lesson will have the student create a personal blog page and add a link to it on the Main Menu of the Home Page.

WP04 Updating Your Personal Page with Your Course Progress?

This lesson will show you how to update your personal page to track your WordPress Course progress for the teacher's convenience.

WP05a – Installing a Plugin?

This lesson will teach you how to search for and install a plugin.

WP05b Installing a New Plugin from a ZIP File?

While many plugins may be installed from the Plugin>Add New path, some Pro plugins must be bought separately and are provided as a downloaded ZIP file that must be uploaded from your computer and installed manually. This lesson will show you how to do that.

WP05c Updating a Plugin in WordPress?

This lesson will show you how to response to the "Update Plugins" icon on the admin bar, which is a very simple process.

Material Includes

  • Lesson materials, quizzes, and access to a sandbox website as a user with administrator rights.