This post brings me to the final chapter of my life — retirement.  As always, the purpose of documenting my life in this way is to accomplish the following goals:  (1) to teach you some English words, (2) to document my life for self-reflection purposes, and (3) to provide you some insight into how you can avoid the same mistakes I have made so that your life has a happier outcome than mine likely will have.

At age 65, I was able to enroll in Medicare, a very low-cost, US government, health insurance program.  At age 66, I officially retired and am now drawing a monthly social security payment from the US government that will continue until I die (and erroneously even after some people die).  As of July 2020, I am currently 67 years old and in relatively good health with all my major debts paid off.  Living a modest life, I can make it to the end.

In my view, the pros of retiring are many, as follows:
1. I no longer have to commute to work, which is glorious!
2. I no longer have to get up early.  I love to sleep until 11 am and stay up till 2 am.
3. I no longer have to march to the beat of someone’s else drum.  I have no boss (except for the wife).
4. I can do what I wish when I wish, as long as it doesn’t cost too much money.
5. I have exited the rat race and have minimal stress in my life.

The cons of retirement for me are nil.
1. Some people miss their social contacts at work.  (I am an introvert.)
2. Some people lose their identity because their work is their life.  (Not so for me.)
3. Some people are bored to death.  (I keep busy teaching English online as a fun hobby.)
4. Some people are lonely.  (I have a wife, son, daughter, and two dogs to keep me company.)