About This Website

Greetings, fellow netizens.  We want to get to NOE you, so if you subscribe to our site, we’ll dub thee a fellow Noeble, as in a noble person of NOE.  How cool is that!

I am the founder and ruler of this domain, um, website.  Please call me Teacher Lee, T.Lee, or just plain Lee, according to your age and inclination.  I am a former Westinghouse engineer and senior reactor operator instructor in the commercial nuclear power plant industry.  I have a passion for sharing my knowledge with others.  Due to my unique background, I have a teaching style that separates me from other English teachers anywhere.

This website was created to provide a fun place for students to study English in order to hone their English skills in a fun and relaxed environment.  Everything you read here will constantly be teaching you new vocabulary, which is a necessity if you ever hope to be able to converse with others on a wide variety of topics.  This website will also help you improve your pronunciation and reading comprehension while also teaching you about myriad topics that you may have never even thought about.

I won’t say much about my background here.  Rather I will direct you to read about my life in a 10-chapter blog series while also learning new vocabulary, of course.  On the Main Menu, visit About Us > The Story of a Lifetime — by T.Lee.