Welcome, Fellow Netizen!

Greetings!  I am pleased to welcome you to this website, which is intended to be a fun, relaxing place for students to come to study English and hone their skills to a fine point.  Please call me Teacher Lee, T.Lee, or just plain Lee.  I am an online English teacher with a passion for helping non-native English-speaking students learn the English language in more depth.  You will find that I have a unique teaching style that distinguishes me from other English teachers you may have come across.  I was born and raised in the southeastern United States (e.g., Alabama and Florida) and, as such, am known in the USA as a southerner.  Thus, I speak with a “southern accent”, which means I speak relatively slowly, draw out my words longer, and favor the soft ‘t’ sound in my pronunciations.  Southerners are renowned for our courtesy and politeness, and our men are sometimes referred to as “southern gentlemen”.

This website will provide you with many learning and improvement opportunities, some of which are as follows:

  1. You will constantly be learning new vocabulary words, idioms, slang, and common speaking patterns and expressions in everything you do on this website.
  2. You will constantly be exercising your English-speaking mouth muscles and improving your English pronunciation by reading and recording weekly lessons that I will listen to and critique. 
  3. You will have speaking opportunities if you participate in our book club, which meets every Saturday at 5:30 pm GMT via a live, synchronous Zoom session.  Classes are one hour long and are recorded in case you should miss a class.  All materials, including discussion questions for class, are provided.  We are currently doing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
  4. You will improve your knowledge of grammar by participating in my self-paced writing course, which will cover all aspects of English grammar, including how to write the four major types of essays.
  5. You will learn valuable job skills by participating in my self-paced Microsoft Word word processing course.
  6. You will learn about the cultures of other countries, both from me and from other students who frequent this website.
  7. You will learn to use a wide variety of English-learning tools to allow you to improve your English skills on your own without supervision.
  8. You will become familiar with a wide range of conversation topics, such as scuba diving, golden oldie songs, astronomy, history, skydiving, mountain-climbing, office work, etc.